Act Three : Second eldest brother – Ishuma’s Monologue (Part Three)

IT: Yay, last post of the year. I’m getting really concerned that these chapters are not accurate in their translation, so can someone who can read Japanese tell me if I’m at least getting close? The wording is really confusing and paragraphs seem to contradict each other. Also, now that Act Three is done, I’ll go back and do Act Two, but just to be clear, I’m not picking this translation up. I’m only tiding the wait over by a few chapters because I would like someone more capable and motivated to pick this up, or I find a new novel to tide over. Happy new years everyone. 

Good news~ Hime-sama has told me that she’s picking up this project! Thank you very much Hime-sama. She is starting from Act 2 so go read that Here.

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I disguised my apprehension, but if sister wanted to see mother, what should I do? If sister wants meet me, I am fine with meeting her, but I am still wary of what mother’s response would be at that time. I do not want to do things that will cause pain, so I have to brace myself so that it looks like I do not mind getting in touch with mother-

I thought like that, but when we met the next morning, my sister said nothing of the sort.

‘I am looking forward to the trip; I have been wanting to go there. I want to collect plants there, so I would like to request that someone send a carriage later.’ Just saying those things, it doesn’t seem that she has been told that I met with mother yesterday.

This way, it is convenient for me, but somehow I feel uncomfortable.

Did my sister, while getting mixed up in talks about economics, forget about me completely? (IT: I have no idea what they’re trying to say here. -_-)

It doesn’t really bother me, but I feel a sense of loss; all my overthinking and preparation amounted to nothing…… take care of your infant-like heart, me.

Well, in any case, if it’s not a problem, I will not bring up that topic myself.

I called my sister over so we could start the excursion as conveniently as possible.

At the sight of my favorite horse, with his black and fawn colored hair and white nose and socks, my sister grew excited. She proclaimed that he looks beautiful and wise. The word choice of ‘beautiful’ wasn’t wrong, but I couldn’t quite agree with the choice of ‘wise’. He was definitely not wise. Of course, I did not say such a thing.

Because it was her first time riding, she was surprised at the height of the horse; I did not mention that this wasn’t as scary as it could be. She seemed rather impressed. I thought that this was convenient and raised the speed to a certain extent. I like the feeling of the wind rushing past, so I wanted to experience it if she wasn’t scared. I always love galloping quickly on my beloved horse.

Although my sister seemed surprised at the beginning, she started enjoying it right away, which was good. She also had a decent sense of balance. Even though it was the first time I had her riding with me, she didn’t get in the way at all.

The mountain where my sister had said she wanted to go was relatively near the royal kingdom and was an area where monsters rarely appeared.

We dismounted and I removed my horse’s reins and bridle, gently stroking his back. He then went off to play. Well, even though he was fond playing around, he would still come back if I whistled once. I observed the current situation, but today I am supposed to be my sister’s guardian. At the moment, I can not leave; it seems impossible to take her to the person I want to meet because she seems to have a purpose. I looked at her current behavior, thinking back to when she first asked me if I was her older brother.

My younger sister grabbed some weeds, inhaled their scent, tilted her head, and restlessly tried to remember some sort of magic incantation.

She seemed to be acting subconsciously, but the only eyes from the household were mine so it seemed that a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Well, it is a bit cumbersome to be always watched, even if one were used to it.

「Did you find something good?」

I tried calling out to my sister who laughed happily and looked afar.

She then came over and turned to look at me.

「There’s lavender in bloom over there, and even mint! It’s fresher than those that arrived at the house. Mornings are definitely the best time, aren’t they?」

As I stood there, Cordelia continued on, 「This is lemon balm…… Melissa, right? Hey, elder brother, isn’t the fragrance amazing? 」chattering pleasantly.

「In the morning, the magic essence (magical power) stored in the plants is at its peak. Knowing this, Cordelia is familiar with plants, do you want to be a scholar? 」

「A scholar? They’re are amazing, scholars are those who are smart.」

— yes, Cordelia. You are quite intelligent. I thought that, but did not say it out loud.

I thought I should praise her a bit more, but Cordelia was waving her hands in denial so it would be a pity to say more than that……. My sister acted impatiently and cutely. Even though it was ordinary, she was cute. (IT: again, I have no idea…)

However, she again moved a bit further away and continued, 「Elder brother, it’s amazing!  There’s sage here!」and tells me the name of the new grass.

I was thinking, she must like grass a lot.

Originally, the Pameradia’s magical power is compatible with flowers, so it is no wonder that she has an interest. However, instead of flowers…… For example, instead of something like roses or Casablancas, my sister, who is interested in mere common weeds, is a little strange. It is simply green grass, like mint and Melissa. Regardless of poisonous plants, I do not know why I am interested in this grass. I know of some offhandedly, but this is the first time I have ever heard of Melissa.

By the way, I am also very knowledgeable in poisonous plants. Even though I am not my father or elder brother, I can use Pameradia’s plant manipulation magic. My field of expertise that best makes use of my power is the purification of poison. Whether weeds are originally problematic or not, it is possible to tailor their use to my needs if the situation calls for it. I do not intend to misuse this power, but it is a fact that will absolutely not reveal, except for the point that I am interested in plants. — No, I will hold off for the first time and will not say anything, but if my sister is able to learn magic in a normal way first, I will somehow try to teach her this magic.

However, there is an emotion inside of me that wants to show off my own knowledge as the wise older brother to my knowledgeable little sister.

I do not even know anything other than poisonous plants, and the knowledge of this forest has already been grasped far better than I by Cordelia.

「Come, Cordelia. I will show you this mountain’s rare flower.」



I lifted up Cordelia, who came closer, and walked a little ways from our spot until a spring came into view. My horse also came to play at the spring, with the surface of the water glowing brightly in the sunlight.

At the same time, surrounding the spring was-

「Calendulas?! Elder brother, these are Calendulas, aren’t they!!」(IT: AKA marigolds)

Correct, my sister frolics around the blooming Calendulas that surrounded the spring.

Calendula, which in this country is said to be a flower of the sun, blooms only during certain seasons when brought into the city but is in full bloom all year in this mountain. I believe it is possibly due to the relationship with waves of magic essence, so if the Pamaridia house tried to cultivate the flowers to bloom all year, it would be possible but–

I was able to show her a sight that was usually a preciously kept secret but she was able to say the name so quickly; somehow I felt a little downhearted. ‘Elder brother is really impressive’ Cordelia says…… I wanted it to be where I taught you the name of the flower, if possible.

Well, if she is pleased, it is better than nothing.

「Elder brother is amazing~ You know, you look like a doctor!」

Because she started out with such a phrase, it was almost impossible for me to feel bad about my sister already knowing the name of the flower.

Apparently, it would seem the result is that I am able to keep the dignity of an older brother.

But, little sister.

Why do you plan on stacking such a large amount of grass on our family’s carriage that you arranged for the loading? What are you going to do, taking such things back.

Besides, scouring every root in the surroundings… 「This isn’t enough, how many round-trips are we able to take?」you say……. What on earth are you planning to do?

Even if we were to take back the grass that Cordelia instructed, the magic essence will wane even if you keep going back and forth. It can’t be helped, the weeds. She has considerable guts. It will not be a problem in the mountains and I do not think the magic essence will increase back in the royal kingdom- why even take it home?

However, even if I ask, Cordelia will not give me an answer as she is drawn to a new grass 「Possibly Chamomile…?」so she says.

Well, let’s just say it is fine. It is surely going to be something funny and the grass is not dangerous, as far as I can see. It might lead to new ideas, which children are so very rich in. Besides,

「Please elder brother, also look forward to a reward for today!」

 Because I couldn’t think of an adult like response, I patted her head in a proper older brother-like way as she smiled cutely.

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  1. Omg an update squeeeeeee thank you soooo much!! Best New Years present ever😆 Actually there’s nothing wrong with your translations or maybe cause I know and I’ve been reading Japanese stuff I can understand the nuances or implications for those sentences which you seems to find awkward anyways can’t wait for the next (btw can we know if you have a tentative release of chapters?)update it would be nice if Cordelia’s older brothers will start to adore their adorable little sister and gosh I can’t wait for her thank you gift for her 2nd older brother 😊


  2. Hello, I plan on picking this up, if the current translator doesn’t mind..
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